We offer Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage at Encompass Health in Cheltenham.

Massage is a centuries old treatment which uses hands-on techniques to mobilise soft tissue, resulting in many benefits, both physical and emotional.

Deep tissue and sports massage is effectively used to treat a wide range of muscular and soft tissue issues, as well as to enhance sporting performance and improve wellbeing.

At Encompass Health our massage therapist treats sporting and non-sports related conditions such as: back, neck and shoulder pain; hip issues; joint pain and stiffness; headaches; arthritis; sports and overuse injuries.

We provide quality massage treatment with a patient-centred approach. Treatment is adjusted to suit each patient, personalised using techniques which will optimise recovery. We also offer deep tissue massage for stress relief and relaxation.

Our massage therapist uses various soft tissue and neuromuscular techniques, trained in sports, deep tissue and pregnancy massage, as well as rehabilitation and sports conditioning.


“My pain and inflammation have both reduced. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough, a hidden secret that can be life changing for people with arthritis.”

Treatment can be combined with exercises, tailored to the individual, and prescribed to stabilise, strengthen and stretch specific parts of the body to repair and prevent injury recurrence. This can include the use of strapping and taping as well as deep tissue laser. Where necessary, massage is used alongside chiropractic and physiotherap  for a combined approach to treatment.

Massage can: decrease muscle pain and tension, improve flexibility, circulation and movement, increase injury recovery rate, improve sleep, general wellbeing and so much more.