MBST Treatment.

A professional assessment and diagnosis will determine the nature and severity of your condition/injury and the specific course of treatment required.

The length of treatment course required will vary for each diagnosis.

The treatment itself is a comfortable, pain-free and relaxing experience.  You simply lie still and let the device do its work.

MBST treatment can be performed in isolation, but the most beneficial results are seen when used in conjunction with other traditional hands on therapies such as physiotherapy and/or rehabilitation exercise.



Aftercare advice will be given.  This will include guidance immediately after treatment, as well as a follow-up assessment, where a basic personal exercise programme will be recommended. 

Specific stretches and strengthening exercises will be prescribed, to aid and maintain your recovery and begin to stabilise the damaged region. 

We will then refer you to a specialist physiotherapist or sports therapist to continue your rehabilitation.

We are happy to work alongside your preferred health professional or refer you to a recommended therapist. 

We work closely with all external practitioners, to ensure a fully integrated approach to your treatment and aftercare.

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Since MBST, my back is more comfortable, the pain has all but gone entirely and I have no disturbed sleep.  I highly recommend this treatment to anyone living with pain and discomfort.”

Janet - 82

Further Information.

MBST Treatment Duration


  • In early stages: 7 hours
  • In advanced stages: 9 hours
  • For post-surgical: 5/7/9 hours

Intervertebral Discs

  • All indications: 9 hours


  • All indications: 9 hours

Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments

  • Acute injuries to muscles and tendons: 5 hours
  • Chronic discomfort in muscles and tendons: 7 hours
  • Acute injuries to ligaments: 5 hours
  • Chronic discomfort in ligaments: 9 hours

Treatment top-ups: 5 hours

Treatment is delivered in 60 minute sessions.

Pricing ranges between £975 – £1500


The rates of success are determined by the results of scientific studies, score sheets and feedback from both patients and healthcare professionals using MBST therapy in their practices.

A form of therapy can be deemed successful when the patient experiences a definite improvement in their condition in regards to pain, mobility, walking distances and other such factors; when the attending healthcare professional evaluate the healing process or the condition of the patient as successful or notably fast; when improvement can be determined by measurable data (for example, bone density measurements or MRI scans). MBST serves as a tool for experienced healthcare professionals.

In order to get the best outcome from the therapy, patients must adhere to the instructions given by their healthcare professional at all times. Like any medical procedure or therapy, there is no guarantee that MBST will be 100% successful for everybody. The global success rate is 80%.

Claims made on this website are supported by scientific data and studies (including peer-reviewed journals).

To read the full peer-reviewed journals and other published studies, please email us at: info@encompasshealth.uk.