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Cutting edge technological treatment for arthritis, back pain, soft tissue damage and sports injuries

If you are suffering from pain and reduced mobility caused by osteoarthritis, back conditions or damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments, we can help with MBST therapy.

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Backed by sound scientific research, no other treatment targets the cause of pain and disfunction in this way.


At Encompass Health we use a pioneering technology (MBST) which is non-invasive and pain free, tackling the cause and effects of arthritis and countless other conditions, with long-lasting results.  

Utilising magnetic resonance therapy, MBST targets damaged or degenerated cells within cartilage, bone, ligaments, and muscles.  It stimulates molecular activity, improving cell function which results in healing, regeneration and repair.

More than 270,000 patients treated worldwide, over 1 million hours of MBST therapy and zero side effects.

What People Say About Us.

Truly life-changing!

After only two sessions the pain in my knee had completely gone, after 7 treatments the movement in my knee had increased, it is astonishing and life-changing. I’m now 2 months post-treatment and the pain has not returned and my ability to exercise and play with my children has increased dramatically.

– Randall

Consultant Knee Surgeon

I am delighted to see that MBST is going to be available for patients in Cheltenham. For the last four years I have been referring patients with degenerative knee disease to consider MBST treatment. I have seen some remarkable results in patients who otherwise I would have had very little to offer. There is increasing evidence of the benefits of MBST which coupled with the fact that there are no known clinical side effects makes it a compelling option.

– Jonathan Webb (Consultant Knee Surgeon)

My Back and Shoulder are much improved

I have had two separate sessions of the treatment. Fairly soon afterwards I noticed less inflammation and steadily my low back region has become increasingly more stable and stronger.

My upper body brought quicker results. An old rugby injury to my shoulder appears to have disappeared and my neck has far more movement and doesn’t click like it used to!

– Rob

My knee arthritis was so painful.

My continuous limping was causing me hip and lower back problems.  Other than steroid injections or surgery, I had few options, until Rob suggested trying MBST.

Already, two weeks after treatment, my knee movement is much smoother, with less stiffness and considerably less swelling.  But, most importantly, less pain!  I’m not limping as much, and stairs are no longer such a challenge.  I’m amazed!

I am now considering treatment for my low back and hip area and would definitely recommend MBST for arthritic joints.

– Jenny

I’m 76 years old and suffer from arthritis of the knee.

With no cartilage left in the left side of my right knee causing bone deterioration.

After waiting for almost a year to be included on a list for surgery, I was told that is was unlikely to happen for another year.

Worried about the damage my limping would cause my hip and back, I was recommended MBST therapy.

After seven sessions, I am delighted with the results achieved thus far. Swelling has reduced and I notice a definite straightening of my leg. I still limp a little, but the ease of feeling that something beneficial and good has and will continue to happen is wonderful.

– Lesley Abadi

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