We offer Physiotherapy at Encompass Health in Cheltenham.

Physiotherapy is a health profession that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain, injury and disfunction.  Treating patients of all ages, physiotherapists treat acute and chronic conditions, aiming to reduce pain, restore function and prevent injury recurrence.  

At Encompass Health we treat most musculoskeletal conditions, such as: back, neck and shoulder pain; joint pain and stiffness; headaches; sciatic pain; disc problems; arthritis and sports injuries.  

Whether caused by trauma, over-use, poor posture or general wear and tear, we aim to find the underlying cause of your problem and restore the body to optimal health and function.

We provide quality physiotherapy care with a patient-centred approach. Every patient is different, and no two injuries or symptoms are the same.

Following a professional consultation and examination, we provide a personalised treatment plan specific to the individual’s requirements.


“My pain and inflammation have both reduced. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough, a hidden secret that can be life changing for people with arthritis.”

Physiotherapy primarily involves hands-on treatment, deep tissue massage and postural release techniques to reduce pain and improve function and movement to a joint or tissue. Deep tissue laser therapy may also be used. Treatment is combined with bespoke exercises, prescribed to stabilise, strengthen and stretch specific parts of the body to repair and prevent injury recurrence.

Where necessary we work alongside our other professionals (chiropractic and massage) to provide a combined approach to treatment.