About Us.

Encompass Health Cheltenham has been established by respected healthcare professionals, Rob and Fru Grace, to provide the unique MBST cell-regenerative treatment.

Experts in their field, Rob is a chiropractor with over 20 years experience, and clinic manager Fru, is a sports therapist.

They owned one of the largest multi-disciplinary clinics in the region for many years and helped thousands of patients (of all ages) struggling with a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Rob is a well-known professional within Cheltenham and most of his patients now come to him via word-of-mouth and recommendation.

Treating all joint conditions, Rob has a special interest in problems relating to the spine, hips and knees.

Successfully Treated 1000s of Patients


Dedication to exceptional patient care has always been central to their service provision, along with an emphasis on finding, understanding and treating the cause of a problem, not just the symptoms and effects. This is what led them to MBST.

Having been introduced to MBST technology three years ago, they felt it was ‘too good to be true’. Having monitored its development and results, they have realised it is just as good as it claims, if not better!

“No one should have to live with pain!  This technology, for us, is revolutionary in the treatment of osteoarthritis and many other conditions, because it really does target the primary cause of the problem. We’ve always aimed to diagnose and treat the source of a particular issue, but with conditions such as arthritis there has been nothing that tackles the problem at this level.

It’s not only arthritis that we can help, MBST has shown phenomenal results with patients suffering from back pain, disc issues, muscle, ligament and tendon damage, as well as wound healing.

We are truly excited to be providing this cutting-edge technology in Gloucestershire and offering so many people living with pain, the chance for a new start.”

Giving patients suffering with pain, stiffness and reduced mobility a chance to really live!

For more information about how Encompass Health and MBST can help you, call 01242 906 578 or email: info@encompasshealth.uk.