Soft Tissue & Sports Injuries.

Acute injuries, such as accidents or sporting injuries, often cause damage to the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and tendons), as well as cartilage damage and bone fractures.

Injuries to these areas limit their functionality (flexibility, mobility and strength) and are often accompanied by pain, bruising, and swelling.  

Over-use injuries to the soft tissues, through daily life or sport, also cause immense pain and reduced functionality. 

Direct effects

In many cases, the injured area will have suffered prior damage, resulting in the degeneration of the tissue structure due to repeated micro-traumas.  Invariably, the consequences not only affect sporting activity, but everyday life as well.

Long-term consequences

Small injuries are often underestimated or ignored, leading to the disruption of the healing process and chronic injuries.  Chronic injuries not only restrict sporting activities, but also have a significant impact on the overall quality of life. 

“After suffering for many years, my next step was knee surgery, but after MBST I am now back playing golf and walking without horrendous pain.  Amazing!”

How can MBST help with Sports Injuries?

When the body’s self-regeneration ability is impaired, as a result of trauma or injury, MBST offers active cell regeneration by targeting specific cells and stimulating them into regrowth. It is intended to accelerate the healing process, significantly reduce downtime and offer a swift return to training and competition, or simply daily activities.

MBST also facilitates post-operative repair and has shown significant improvements in the speed of recovery and pain levels in patients treated throughout the UK and Europe, in conjunction with rehabilitation.