Long-term relief from painful arthritis and back conditions.

MBST is an award-winning technological treatment for osteoarthritis, back and neck pain, disc problems and more.

Long-term pain relief, improved mobility, and enhanced joint health

A one-off course of non-invasive, pain-free treatment

Stimulates the repair of damaged tissue and joints

Reduces inflammation and promotes cellular regeneration

Improves quality of life – returning patients to the activities they love

8.30am to 6.30pm

Immediately after treatment my headaches reduced and have continued to do so

71 year-old neck patient

No Surgery

No Medication

No Injections

No Painkillers

The transformation since MBST has been amazing.  I am now running again, playing rugby and enjoying walks with my children.  I can highly recommend it to anyone starting to feel the effects of an active life and wear and tear.

47yr old knee patient

What is MBST?

MBST treatment is an innovative, non-invasive therapy that provides long-term relief from painful arthritis and back conditions – with absolutely no side effects.

A short course of MBST treatment can deliver long-lasting results, with over 75% of patients experiencing a significant reduction in pain and swelling, and substantially improved mobility.

Developed by German company Medtec, MBST technology uses MRT (Magnetic Resonance Therapy) technology to stimulate damaged and degenerated cells to encourage regeneration.

It is a therapeutic adaptation of MRI technology that transfers energy into hydrogen atoms which are then absorbed by tissue-specific cells. This process promotes good cellular function in order to reduce inflammation and encourage cells to repair and regenerate.

With Globally Recognised Approvals and Certificates MBST is patented, accredited and in compliance with the current 93/42/EEC Directive of the European Union. 

8.30am to 6.30pm

What is Involved?

Attend an Assessment

If you’re interested in pursuing a course of MBST, we’ll book you in for a 60-minute assessment consultation.

Healthcare professional Rob Grace (chiropractor) will assess your specific injury or condition, and explain how MBST will help.

You will have the opportunity to discuss and learn more about MBST therapy in detail.

Book a Course of Treatment

Arthritis and disc problems typically require a course of 9 treatment sessions.

Sessions last one hour and are delivered on consecutive days.

We run appointments from 8.30am-6.30pm.

The MBST Device 

Treatment is silent and comfortable (sitting or lying on the therapeutic device) and you remain dressed.

Lie Back and Relax

Simply relax and enjoy time out for an hour a day.

We are always on hand to answer more questions during your treatment.

After Treatment

A bespoke aftercare programme is developed, focusing on your individual requirements.

We continue to review and monitor your progress, pain scores and functional levels.

Some patients feel benefit during treatment, but it normally takes around 6 weeks for cells to begin regeneration, and most patients start to see improvement after 2-3 months. 

Call Us

Simply call or email us for more information and we will answer your questions.

“Since my MBST treatment I have suffered no reoccurrence of my back issues and it feels much more stable as a result”

40 year-old disc patient

8.30am to 6.30pm

“I have seen some remarkable results in patients who otherwise I would have had very little to offer. There is increasing evidence of the benefits of MBST which coupled with the fact that there are no known clinical side effects makes it a compelling option.”

J. Webb. Consultant Knee Surgeon.

Is MBST for me?

MBST is suitable for all ages.  At Encompass we have treated patients of 11 years through to 90 years old, with over 75% benefiting from significant pain reduction.

MBST is used to treat acute injuries as well as long-standing degenerative conditions.  It can provide relief from painful symptoms, and even delay or prevent the need for surgery.  

Too young for an operation, too old for an operation, hoping to avoid an operation altogether? As a non-invasive, pain-free therapy with no side effects, why wouldn’t you try MBST?

8.30am to 6.30pm


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About Us.

Encompass Health Cheltenham has been established by respected healthcare professionals, Rob and Fru Grace, to provide the unique MBST cell-regenerative treatment.

Experts in their field, Rob is a chiropractor with over 20 years’ experience, and clinic manager Fru, is a sports therapist.

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