We regularly see patients with a bad back or stiff neck, claiming “It’s just my age”.  But what causes that bad back or neck and what can be done to help it?

People tend to think about osteoarthritis affecting joints such as the knees, hips and hands, but don’t associate it with the back and neck.  When reading about the spine, words such as spondylosis, arthrosis and arthropathy are often used, but these are all other terms for osteoarthritis.

Most back/neck pain is often caused by a dysfunction of the spinal joints.  If your back or neck isn’t moving freely it puts strain on muscles and ligaments as they overwork to protect the joint, this can cause pain and damage to the soft tissues in the short term.  This is usually the symptom that is noticeable first and patients will say their problem is just muscular. But importantly, this stiffness in one area adds unnecessary stress on the joint.  If a dysfunctional joint is not addressed, the extra strain (and subsequent wear and tear) can lead to degeneration, resulting in arthritis.

Over time, cartilage is worn, thinned or damaged, bony growths (osteophytes) may occur to help stabilise the joint and movement becomes inhibited and painful.  The joint pain caused by arthritis is more likely to be felt once the cartilage is worn through and bone is touching bone.  So, the simple message is that catching joint dysfunction and degeneration early is important to delay any arthritic progression.

This is where we can help with MBST therapy.

MBST (Molecular Bio-Physical Stimulation) is an innovative, non-invasive therapy that provides long-term relief from painful arthritis, and other musculoskeletal conditions.  It is designed to reduce inflammation and stimulate cellular repair, improving joint mobility and health.

Developed by German company Medtec, MBST technology uses MRT (Magnetic Resonance Therapy) technology to stimulate damaged and degenerated cells to encourage repair and regeneration.  It is a therapeutic adaptation of MRI technology that transfers energy into hydrogen atoms which is then absorbed by the targeted cells in order to stimulate cartilage, bone and tissue growth.

With no known side effects, no other treatment can produce the same effects.  Coupled with strength and mobility work, MBST is one of the most effective treatments to help eliminate pain and increase movement for those suffering with osteoarthritis in the joints.

Treating patients of all ages, a course of MBST treatment can deliver long-lasting results, with over 75% of patients experiencing a significant reduction in pain and swelling, and substantially improved mobility.

“After years of pain, procedures and life-restricting mobility I have undergone two MBST treatments for my lower spine issues. Combined with increasing levels of physio, within months the benefits are huge. No more so than the return to enjoying some of life’s underrated wonders. A good night’s sleep, the ability to sit without pain, and so much more. 40km bike rides are now a regular which had been absent for years. Very happy customer.”

“The MBST was a massive leap of faith for me and a big investment! We are all doubting Thomas’s, but I took the leap and so glad I did! I would recommend it to anyone.  My neck had given me annoying aches and pains for some time (years in fact).  Now the inflammation has completely gone, my movement and rotation is significantly better but most importantly, no more pain!  I’m delighted with the results!”