Johnny Nelson (former professional boxer) tells us how MBST has changed his life – watch his story below.

Having suffered with back and neck problems for years and trying many different treatments, surgery was his next option.  Hesitant to try MBST (it sounded too good to be true) he embarked on a course of treatment for his neck at an MBST centre in Nottinghamshire. He was so amazed by the results from his first course of treatment, he has now gone on to treat his low back and hand; and plans to return for his knees.

Johnny believes that if he had known about MBST during his active career as a boxer he could have extended it by “two, three, four years longer, pain-free”, but is pleased that it has allowed him to return to all the things he “used to enjoy before”.

Johnny is the current longest-reigning world cruiserweight champion of all time, holding the WBO title from 1999 to 2005.

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